Dr. Kenneth E. Sparks

Kenneth E. Sparks

Dr. Sparks is Director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Cleveland State University. He also directs the faculty staff Fitness for life program on campus and have been the Project Administrator for the National Youth Sports Program.

His areas of research include: 1. The treatment of cardiovascular disease. I have published several studies regarding the delivery and effectiveness of transtelephonic monitoring of cardiac patients during rehabilitation. He was a member of the committee appointed by the American Association for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, for writing the Position Stand for telemedicine use in cardiac rehabilitation programs. 2. He has developed computerized programs for monitoring cardiac rehabilitation patients and their outcomes. This program monitors progress in clinical and behavioral areas during rehabilitation. Over 500 hospitals nationwide use this program. His passion has always been running, and he has written two books on training and fitness for runners.

Lab page : http://facultyprofile.csuohio.edu/csufacultyprofile/detail.cfm?FacultyID=K_SPARKS

Research Projects: