Dr. Eric Michael Schearer

Eric Michael Schearer

Eric Schearer is an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Cleveland State University. As a member of the Cleveland Functional Electrical Stimulation Center he works to bring robotic intelligence to neuroprosthetic devices to reanimate the arms of people with spinal cord injuries.

Prior to his academic career, Eric was an engineering consultant with Exponent, Inc. where he investigated failures of engineering systems ranging from amusement park rides to eyelash curlers. He also served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force working as a computational design and analysis engineer.

Webpage : http://facultyprofile.csuohio.edu/csufacultyprofile/detail.cfm?FacultyID=e_schearer

Research Keywords:

Robotics, dynamic systems and control, human motion control, functional electrical stimulation, model learning, motion planning, machine learning

Recent Publications