Eric M. Schearer :                     Jason P. Halloran:


Collaborate and research to develop transformative technologies that empower individuals to lead productive and healthy lifestyles


2009: Drs. van den Bogert, Simon, and Richter begin collaborating on a state-funded project "Rapid Rehabilitation and Return to Function for Amputee Soldiers", directed by Dr. Brian Davis at the Cleveland Clinic.

2012: Dr. van den Bogert moves to CSU in 2012 as the Parker-Hannifin Endowed Chair and established the Laboratory for Human Motion and Control (HMC). Dr. Sawicki receives funding from Parker-Hannifin for development of a pediatric exoskeleton.

2013: NSF grant "Optimal Prosthesis Design with Energy Regeneration" to Drs. Simon, Richter, and van den Bogert.

2014: Drs. Halloran and Schearer were recruited in 2014 as Assistant Professors in the Mechanical Engineering Department, forming the Mechanics and Control of Living Systems Laboratory (MCLS)

2015: NSF grant "Cyber-Enabled Exercise Machines" to Drs. Richter, Simon, van den Bogert, and Sparks. Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation funds "Safe Patient Handling among STNA’s in Nursing Homes: Compliance, Monitoring, and Continuous Quality Improvement of Best Practices", with co-PIs Espy, Reinthal, and Zhao.

2016: The Center for Human-Machine Systems is established.

2018: Drs. Halloran and Schearer become co-directors of CHMS